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Specialty Item Removal and Additional Services

Free Estimates | Over 16 Years of Experience

Hot Tub Removal 

Is your hot tub broken down and no longer in use? We’ll can come to your home and remove it from your yard or patio. Give us a call for a quick removal.

Piano Removal

Is your piano gathering dust and no one wants to play it? We’ll come to your house and haul that clunky instrument away for more room in your home.

Shed Removal

Is your shed falling down or are you upgrading your storage space? We specialize in tearing down or moving old sheds from your backyard.

Pool Tables

Specialty Item Removal

Is your pool table just a landing spot for junk? We’ll disassemble and get rid of it and help you reclaim your space for a new hobby.

Exercise Equipment

Is your elliptical or treadmill being used as a coat rack? We’ll haul away your unused exercise equipment.

Boat Removal

Do you have a junk boat sitting in your yard? We’ll come with our flat bed and tow it away, so you can turn your backyard into the oasis you always dreamed of.

Additional Services

Call us today to learn about the additional services and dumpster rental services Just Dump It provides.

  • Storage boxes (30 yard – 16’ l x 8’ w x 8’ h): Need extra storage during your home renovation project? Our storage boxes can be delivered right to your house and are great for keeping furniture and other items out of the way while your home is under construction.

  • Flatbed services: Do you have a junk boat or car sitting around your yard? We offer flatbed services to remove any old boats or cars and bring them to dump. Give us a call to get additional details.

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