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Declutter Your Home, Declutter Your Mind


Spring is upon us, and so is Spring cleaning!

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Do yourself a favor and tackle some of the big junk and clutter clean-out projects that have been on your mind.

According to this article on WebMD, decluttering can make you feel calmer, happier and more in control, and cleaning up your surroundings can reduce anxiety and increase focus.

So why do we procrastinate tackling that accumulated stuff when, after a clean-out, many people express feeling a sense of freedom and relief?

Sometimes just the thought of decluttering your basement, yard, office, garage, shed, estate, or office can be overwhelming and lead to stress.

So…where do you start to make the thought of a clean-out less stressful?

Below are some tips on how to attack your junk and clutter-clearing project, hauling it away and out of your mind for good.

Whether you are facing a multi-room entire estate clean-out, clearing your yard of rubbish, unwanted items and debris, organizing an office clean-out, or finally tackling and getting rid of that basement, storage shed or attic clutter, follow these tips and the job will seem much more manageable.



Clearing out a full estate can be very different than an office clean-out, or an attic, basement, garage, yard or shed. But, all have one thing in common: a starting point.

First, create a category list of the things you need to clear out. Creating a list is easy. It takes a pencil, some paper, and a few minutes.

Next, categorize and prioritize the list to create your plan. If you are working on an estate clean-out, your plan could include which rooms to handle in which order. If you are working on a basement, attic, shed, storage locker, or garage clean-out, where there is only one room, your plan could have categories of items to handle first, second, and third.

The beauty of making the plan is you now have a starting point. In fact, just creating the list, you have already started!


“The journey of a thousand miles starts with one step.” ~ Chinese Proverb

“How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time” ~ Anon

Breaking seemingly overwhelming tasks into small chunks makes something feel more manageable. Decluttering and sifting through your junk is no different.

Follow your plan and go one small step at a time, with ten to twenty minute breaks in between.

After a few steps and breakpoints your junk will look a lot less cluttered and you will be amazed at the progress you have already made.


Creating staging areas helps you move swiftly from one pile to another, simplifying the process of decluttering your space.

Breaking tasks into KEEP, DONATE, SELL, GIVEAWAY, or TRASH can help you organize your attack.

Don’t dwell over something you are not sure about. Put it in the KEEP or GIVEAWAY piles. Come back to it later.

Think something might have value to someone else? SELL it on Facebook Marketplace or organize a yard sale.

Think an item is useful, but not sure it has monetary value? DONATE it to one of many worthy causes.

Use the two-year rule and TRASH anything you have not used in two years. Hiring a junk removal service, or renting a dumpster will help clear this unused clutter fast.


Junk and clutter clean-outs always take longer than expected.

Schedule more than the amount of time you think you need. Break your plan (tip 1) into small steps (tip 2) so you won’t get frustrated or overwhelmed.

Focus on what you have accomplished to keep energized and finish the job.


Big jobs can be overwhelming if you try to do it yourself. Hiring a professional service can get the job done faster, and more efficiently.

Companies like Just Dump It can arrive with a full crew and have your junk and clutter organized and hauled away quickly and cost-effectively.


Many junk hauling service companies also offer dumpster rentals.

Typically a dumpster can be rented for two-weeks. Having a deadline when the rental dumpster will be retrieved gives you a goal. By knowing when the dumpster will be retrieved you can work backwards from your plan.

Follow these tips and make tackling your junk more manageable, and, once that clutter has been hauled away, enjoy the freedom and peace that comes from a cleaned out yard, home, or storage space.

Want more tips on how to organize or prepare for winter, efficiently clean out an estate, or prepare your home for sale or moving? Check out our other blog articles.


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